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Customisation – Digital Printing



This is a 1440dpi CMYK solvent ink print onto a white vinyl sheet that can be heat pressed on to fabric. Our printer can cut to any shape to suit the logo, often not leaving a white border if the logo doesn’t need it.


Art Requirements


A vector art file from Illustrator or CorelDraw (.eps, .ai, .cdr) gives the best results and is much easier for us to work with.

For CMYK images, a hi res bitmap over 300dpi is needed (.jpg, .tif)


Advantages Of Digital Printing


  • Fast turnaround because there is no inks to mix or screens to make.
  • This process is great for highly detailed photographic images or images with more than 4 colours.
  • For nylon bags and other garments that will never be washed, this process is the best.
  • Bright vibrant colours
  • As it is a digital process it is very easy to make each garment unique.


Disadvantages Of Digital Printing


  • As it is a CMYK process some PMS colours are difficult to match, we will do our best but we do not guarantee exact colour matches.
  • If the file is a bitmap often if you adjust the image one colour may be right but this will affect the other colours.
  • Small Lettering. When the lettering gets detailed, the knife cannot cut it out accurately so sometimes we need to put an area of colour the same as the garment colour behind it.
  • As this is a print onto a vinyl material the colour will fade after a number of washes. We leave the transfers to dry for at least 12 hours before transferring and our longevity is good but it will not be as good as a screen print or and embroidery.